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This web site is a backup website (of sorts), and under construction, for Sergeant Major's Truther Info (aka Donald J. Potts) on Facebook. As such, anyone can visit his Truther group (it's public), and it's actually preferable that you do so. I work on this site as time permits and if anything should happen to his Facebook page, he won't lose everything. Unfortunately, I only had my personal web site available to use, but as they say, it's better than nothing.

If you would like to know more, please visit Sergeant Major's Truther Info on Facebook. It's all there, and you will find that there are still a lot of links here that will take you there anyway. (I peddling as fast as I can!) With that said, I think there's enough information here now that I can share it.

Sergeant Major's Truther Info

This group [i.e., Donald Potts' Facebook group -JB] will be different than any other group you belong to. It is an open group for viewing and sharing info, it will include a huge collection of research information for others to enjoy (like a growing database). All group members can make comments to any Admin post, but this group will not be blasted with useless information that everyone else has to wade through to find the good stuff. Since the group will be kept Open, you can easily find, share, or link to much Truther information that you are looking for. All photos, books, articles, and videos will be categorized and kept easy to find. All digital information in this Truther research collection is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.

The purpose of this group is to share my Truther research with others that are eager to Awaken from the Matrix. I include personal knowledge, whistleblower information, and endless research since I am an avid investigator. Group members should be critical thinkers, truth seekers, value knowledge over education, want intelligence over indoctrination, be able to use common sense, and must keep a very open mind. No TRUTH is off limits, and I believe all Truthers should go down the rabbit hole as far as it goes. Truth is Knowledge & Intelligence, and thus Knowledge & Intelligence leads to Freedom.

My background includes 28 years in the US military, serving in the Marine Corps & Army; 33 years in law enforcement, working as a Deputy Sheriff; 8 years in higher education, working as a Community College Instructor in an Administration of Justice Degree Program.

This group was created primarily as a back-up site for my personal FB page which has been locked up a few times now, plus I hit my 5,000 member limit early in 2015, so this group will allow a larger audience. I will be sharing all of my research findings with others that are going through the awakening process. I will approve nearly all membership requests. If you feel compelled to disagree with any Truths presented, the only requirement is that you share the information on your personal FB page or a group you belong to, then you can make comments to your shared post and disagree to your heart's content. Most trolls and shills will not do this because they simply want to disrupt the source page to cause disinformation, distraction, and confusion (just how governments work).

Make sure you take advantage of the many articles & books that I back-up in the Files section, and photos & memes in the Photos/Albums section. You may want to also take advantage of my You Tube Playlists which are a wealth of additional information.

Sergeant Major's You Tube Channel Playlists https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChxTV-QnYHlEVh26Mo1myYg/playlists

Note [JB}: This is a major undertaking and it is therefore A WORK IN PROGRESS, which means I have tons more information to download, files to link to, etc. It probably won't be completed befor I die, but at least I'm making a dent so that if anything happens to his files, maybe I'll have some of them to help him restore. Frankly, this is an easier solution for me to read and follow, but different strokes for different folks.

See you on the other side!

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