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 Last indexed: Sep 13 2018 07:56:13 PDT

The web site is in continual change. As you can imagine, there is a lot of work initially. I would like to eventually get most of all of the links that go to Facebook updated (dream on!) so that the files can be found either here on this site or perhaps linked to Real.Video. But it all takes time and to complicate matters, Donald's site constantly has new material. So after major updates to this web site (and some smaller updates), it is reindexed for the search function. Otherwise, it is indexed weekly, and sometimes daily, depending on how much work I'm doing on it at the time. In any event, I'll always post the date and time of the last manual indexing, otherwise figure weekly.

If you spot any errors anywhere (videos not working, etc.), please make a note of the page (either the URL or the title at the top of the page) and send me an email so that I can fix it. Feel free to make suggestions if you have them. I can't guarantee I'll implement them, but I will certainly give them consideration.

Just a quick note, on 9/8/18 I finshed updating the pages (adding videos mostly) and I made the site public. I will begin adding more content now.





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