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[FB has muted only the intro music at the beginning of this video, so keep watching it, because the audio does quickly resume.]

First of all, if you are a Truther or better yet, a Conscious Being, don't be misled by the title of this video. This video really has nothing to do with religion, but it does have everything to do with SPIRITUALITY which is CONSCIOUSNESS AWARENESS.

As the musical group Styx said in their 1977 song, "Welcome to the GRAND ILLUSION, come on in and see what's happening, pay the price, get your tickets for the show." This was DISCLOSURE. Listen carefully to EVERY WORD now that you are further along in your Awakening.

ONLY CONSCIOUS BEINGS CAN CHANGE REALITY!!! But, the problem is that over 95% of the human beings on earth are currently UNCONSCIOUS. It is way past time for people to WAKE UP!

"Reality is a Simulation Within a Simulation". We live in the 3rd Dimension which is a dimension, within a multiple dimension reality that occupies the same space, and has multiple, parallel timelines. Everything has to do with Energy, Frequencies, Vibrations & Magnetics. If you raise or lower the FREQUENCY & VIBRATIONS enough, you transcend into another dimension, world, reality that occupies this same physical space. Our 3rd Dimension is often referred to as THE MATERIAL WORLD. The Singularity & Artificial Intelligence information in this video is VERY GOOD, no matter what level of awareness you are currently at.

Humans may not know what God, or the Creator, or Source is, but WE KNOW FOR SURE WHAT HE, SHE, OR IT ISN'T. Religions & Religious Texts on earth are FAKE, these SCRIPTureS were put out by the Controllers to enslave & dumb down the human beings so THEY could utilize us as energy, food, labor, entertainment, livestock, and personal property.

I do want to say I am sorry for posting a Truther video that contains actor Neil deGrasse Tyson along with .cgi images of a spinning, ball earth & satellites. But, you have to keep in mind that not all Truther video producers, such as Eric J. Pippin, are fully awake as in already attained, Conscious Being status. We all awaken at our own pace, depending on the amount of Hard Work in the form of doing our own research, that we put into our Awakening Process. A Truther does not a Conscious Being make, but also, Don't Throw Out the Baby with the Bathwater. This is a GREAT VIDEO, so please Watch & Enjoy! I LOVE THIS VIDEO!


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