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On the subject of order out of chaos and 1984, let’s revisit the date of the headline about 1984 being the bestseller, which was January 25, or 1/25, something like the number 125. In Ordinal Gematria, ‘North Korea’ sums to 125, and I bring this up because George Orwell died in history, just before the Korean War, a civil war, where the United States fought on behalf of the South, and Russia fought on behalf of the North. That war began
June 25, 1950, what would have been Orwell’s 47th birthday if he had not died January 21, 156-days short of the start of the war (You know about 156, right?). Think about what is taking place in the news right now, with a back and forth between ‘Kim Jong-un’, a name in Ordinal Gematria summing to 114, not unlike ‘World War’, or ‘Pearl Harbor’, and Donald Trump, as well as Russia. For the record, the mainstream media made a big deal about ‘Kim’ turning 33-years-old in 2016, and again in 2017. Yes, you read that right. ‘Kim’ turned 33-years-old in back-to-back years, which the media paid mind to both times. That also means that his birthday was changed from 1983, to 1984, so reminiscent of the book 1984, because history is always being changed on the go in that same fictional novel, which is no longer fiction, because we’re living it. For a moment, let’s decode the ‘33’ Gematria in Kim, and the ‘114’ Gematria in his full name.

Kim Jong-un = 11+9+13+10+15+14+7+21+14 = 114 (O); Kim = 11+9+13 = 33 (O)

If you’re not aware, North Korea is owned and operated by the NWO, same as the United States of America, same as Russia. We’re deep in the game people. What the NWO banker tyrants love to do, with the nations they control with dollars and debt, is pit them against each other; using the respective medias they control, to keep the people of the respective nations in a perpetual state of confusion. Again, it is straight from Orwell’s book, where the people of the nation of ‘Oceania’ know they are constantly at war, but are uncertain of the exact reasons why, other than there is some threat out there, overseas, that needs to be dealt with, which is constantly reminded of in the media.

Below are two accounts excerpts of his 33rd birthday. One is on January 7, 2016 and the other is on January 6, 2017.


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