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Hillary Clinton put out a book of her own about the election after she had lost, titled ‘What Happened’. Well, for the person who knows Gematria, you don’t even have to read past the front cover. As we decode the two words, keep in mind ‘Freemasonry’, sums to 58, and is an all men’s club, not counting the female offshoot branch known as the Order of the Eastern Star, which is a tribute to the sun, rising in the east. Thus, a woman winning the 58th U.S. election was impossible, if you know where you live.

What Happened = 5+8+1+2+8+1+7+7+5+5+5+4 = 58 (R)

Sadly, ‘What Happened’ doesn’t mention Hillary was down 218 electoral votes to 276 when the selection was announced in favor of Trump; that’s a difference of 58 if you’re counting. The book released September 12, 2017, exactly 44-days before Hillary’s 70th birthday, October 26, 2017. It also released 235-days after Inauguration Day, reminding of the degrees of the legs on the Freemason compasses. The date of release for ‘What Happened’ can also be expressed as 12/9, something like the number 129, which in Jewish Gematria represents ‘America’. In light of there being 44-kings of ancient Israel, and the United States of America being ‘new Jerusalem’, Hillary didn’t really stand much of a chance. For the record, in Ordinal Gematria, ‘synagogue’ equates to the number 129
as well, and we know what synagogue is running the show, the one about Satan.

Zachary Hubbard, Letters & Numbers



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