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Trump 133rd richest in nation, see vid from                   Speaking of books, the last
Forbes over the 33 years he's been listed                       one Trump released before '
Submitted by IWB, on September 30th, 2015
                                           becoming President, was  
                                                                                                              November 3, 2015, a date
featuring the infamous 113-sequence, the number of dishonesty, and it was titled ‘Crippled America'. On the subject, from Trump’s July 18 GOP convention to November 8 was 113-days. These were of the many signs around the same time that made it all but certain he would become the next President of the United States. In the
language of Ordinal Gematria, ‘Crippled America’ equates to the same value of 133 as‘White House’, and ‘Government’. At this same point in history, there were headlines floating around about Donald Trump being the 133rd richest man on the planet according to Forbes, and him making his 133rd appearance on Fox News, but who was counting? Let us not forget that ‘Fox’ has Gematria of 666 in English Extend, like how ‘prophecy’ has Gematria of 666 in the  Jewish format. As               Donald Trump makes his 133rd 
always, the headlines were trying              Appearance on Fox Tonight   
to clue the reader into something              By Chris Arlens on Jan. 27, 2016 1:38 PM * 14 Documents
that they had never been educated        
meaning it was to mock.

In Reverse Ordinal, ‘President’ also sums to 133, and I was telling people then, as absurd as it seemed, what the headlines were foreshadowing, was the first ‘orange’ President was on the way. And if I didn’t say so already, in Reduction Gematria, ‘orange’ equates to 33, the same as ‘federal’, and the same as Trump’s families original name ‘Drumpf’.

Let us now calculate the list of 133 Gematria mentioned.

President = 11+9+22+8+18+23+22+13+7 = 133 (RO)
*Apprentice = 27+16+16+18+5+14+20+9+3+5 = 133 (Francis Bacon)
White House = 23+8+9+20+5 + 8+15+21+19+5 = 133 (O)
Government = 7+15+22+5+18+14+13+5+14+20 = 133 (O)
Crippled America = 3+18+9+16+16+12+5+4+1+13+5+18+9+3+1 = 133 (O)

For one more important book authored in his name worth mentioning, and which was also released with his planned Presidency in mind, it released January 15, 2000, exactly 888-weeks before the January 20, 2017 inauguration. That book was titled, The America We Deserve. I’ll save the decoding of the title for you, because it is ripe. As a reminder, please use Gematrinator.com to make decoding a breeze! What is significant about the
distance of 888-weeks from the release to Trump being sworn in, is that the name Donald J. Trump, his author name, has Sumerian Gematria of 888. As a reminder on how the cipher works, it is multiplying the Ordinal value by 6. Thus Donald J. Trump in Ordinal is 148, and 148x6 = 888. That also means, ‘The Art of the Deal’ equates to 888. As for the release date of the book, January 15, it corresponded with the number 115, and Donald Trump became President with the 115th Congress, after the inauguration ceremony that was lead by 58-year-old ‘Steve Ray’. Notice how both ‘fifty-eight’ and‘Steve Ray’ fit the picture. As we decode, recall ‘Freemasons’ sums to 115 in Ordinal, and ‘masonic’ equates just the same in Reverse Ordinal Gematria.

Fifty-Eight = 6+9+6+20+25+5+9+7+8+20 = 115 (O)
Steve Ray = 19+20+5+22+5+18+1+25 = 115 (O)
Making matters even more interesting, both ‘fifty-eight’ and ‘Steve Ray’ sum to 47.

Fifty-Eight = 3+9+3+7+2+4+9+2+1+7 = 47 (RR)
Steve Ray = 8+7+4+5+4+9+8+2 = 47 (RR)

Also, about that January 15 publishing date, it can be expressed as 15/1, not unlike the number 151, which symbolizes Jesus Christ, and which is also the 36th triangular number, being related to 666, the number of the beast, where ‘beast’, again, has Ordinal Gematria of 47, a number close to ‘Trump’ and more. Duality is the word. Consider further, the Zionist Jews are contriving prophecy at the top, and they are awaiting their ‘messiah’, who for the Synagogue of Satan, is Satan, or ‘Lucifer’ as expressed in the King James Bible, having the Gematria of 74, the reflection of 47, and paralleling the Gematria of‘Jesus’, as we learned. Consider what you learned about the Greek Isopsephy riddle for Jesus Christ and the numerical value of 888, which is also associated with Trump and the distance in weeks from the release of The America We Deserve, a title that is worrisome to think about if you look at the values of the people in this nation who have neglected truth and who have chosen materialism and greed often over what is right; and worse yet, who are now represented by Donald Trump, being the President and with the office the face of the nation. In case you missed it, while he was on the campaign trail, he stated he
was a ‘Christian’ and his favorite Bible verse was “an eye for an eye”, which is the exact opposite of what Jesus Christ taught, but instead comes from the Old Testament. As for duality being the word, notice the Gematria of ‘Eye for an Eye’, which corresponds with‘Donald’ and contrasts with ‘Christian’, a word having Gematria of 47 and 61.

Eye for an Eye = 22+2+22+3+3+9+8+4+22+2+22 = 119 (RR, E22)
*Eye for an Eye = 5+7+5+6+6+9+1+5+5+7+5 = 61 (R)
*Eye for an Eye = 4+2+4+3+3+9+8+4+4+2+4 = 47 (RR)

If you are not familiar with the Bible, it concludes with Revelation, which is based in the 39-books of the Old Testament, and as you will discover ahead, is where a major riddle with Donald Trump is originating. The concerning thing is Revelation is about the destruction of the earth before the return of the ‘messiah’, which the false Jews are also waiting on. ‘South Park’, having Reduction Gematria of 39, the cartoon written by its Jewish creator, ‘Trey Parker’, made an episode joking about the dangers of Donald Trump having access to what is known as the ‘nuclear football’, what are the keys to the code for launching a nuclear and potentially catastrophic attack, and a term also having Reduction Gematria of ‘58’, matching the Reverse Reduction Gematria of ‘biblical’.
What is a chilling thought, is this contrived orange man, who represents all that is evil, could be the character they have chosen to play the part in their mad ‘agenda’, as the‘messiah’, bringing about major destruction on this earth, which all along the way, they’re creating punch lines about; jokes that will come at we the people’s expense. Again, this gang operates by the code of “order out of chaos”, and “destroy and rebuild”, a code that must be brought to an abrupt end. By the way, in Jewish Gematria, ‘agenda’ equates to 58, which is also true with ‘Francis Bacon’ Gematria, and here we are discussing the “winner” of the 58th rigged U.S. presidential selection in the mad agenda.

~Zackary Hubbard, Letters & Numbers

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